D.I.Y. iPod Case

It's the weekend before finals and what's a fabulous way to take a break from studying and paper writing? With a little D.I.Y. project of course. My boyfriend recently got me an iPod touch and I didn't want to spend $30 on a plastic case that I would probably end up breaking, so I decided to make my own using some scraps I had in my craft box. Check it out:

I took an old pair of light denim jeans that didn't fit, traced my iPod with a pencil twice onto the denim and cut out the pieces. I made them a little larger than the iPod so I had room to sew:

Then I took silver triangle studs and studded one of the pieces into a triangle shape. A little futuristic, no?

I took the two pieces, flipped them inside out and sewed them together by hand. When I was done sewing, I flipped the pieces back out and that's it! It took about a half hour to make and it was free, what's not to like? Just to be safe- I put some tape over the inside of the case to cover the stud backings so it doesn't scratch the iPod. You like?

Wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers? I also made one for my cell phone too, happy craftin'!


Santa Baby.

I can't believe it's that time of year again for Christmas wish lists, but hey, I'm not complainin'. As today rang in the first snowfall of the season (hello hot chocolate), I decided to share my 2010 Christmas dream list. I'd be happy with a day full of good food and family fun, but I certainly wouldn't mind finding these underneath the tree this year:

These Sperry boots are online for $98, but I saw them in a department store for half off. Aren't they a great Ugg alternative?

Finding a winte
r jacket I like is always a challenge; I feel like they're always too bulky. But this $60 jacket from Old Navy looks cozy and it just so happens to match those boots above.

I am a big fan of Tarte cheek stain; it gives your cheeks a natural, feminine looking flush. This holiday set is online at Sephora for $25.
I actually can't believe I don't own this book already. I'm home for five weeks over winter break, so I better start craftin'. Find it at Urban Outfitters for $20.

I'm a big fan of these dainty bow tie necklaces, they would be the perfect touch to almost any outfit. Find them at Lulu's for only $13.

Wouldn't you love to cozy up in this sweater on Christmas morning? I found it at Madewell for $88.

And did I mention all these items are under $100? Happy Shopping!


Thankful for vintage Coach.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I spent a week at home with my family in New York and loved it. I took a day trip to NYC with my sister; we went to Mood fabrics (where they film Project Runway), stocked up on some crafting goods at M&J Trim, and of course, did some shopping. I scored this $10 vintage Coach bag at home; I love how lady-like it looks:

Hope everyone got some good Black Friday deals...now let the Christmas countdown begin.


Teen Vogue does decor.

I'm not afraid to admit it; I'm 21 years old and I am still an avid Teen Vogue reader. So when I was browsing their blogs this morning I came across a JC Penney and Teen Vogue bedding collaboration and it's adorable. This is my favorite bedding from their line, and did I mention it's affordable too... What do you think?

Image via Teen Vogue


The Real World.

As scary as it is for me to say, I graduate college in May. Every time I go shopping now, I can't help but start to think about transitioning my wardrobe from casual college duds to fancier, "Please give me a job" clothes. I purchased this black skirt on clearance for $10 at Gap and I instantly got excited about looking for a job and more importantly, the excuse to get dressed up everyday.

But for the time being, I think this skirt will suffice as part of my Thanksgiving day outfit.


Rabbit Rabbit.

Happy November!I have a habit of getting really excited and giddy when planning outfits for events and holidays. So as today marks the first of November and with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, yes, I am starting to think about my outfit. I spent my lazy Sunday pulling some inspiration from Polyvore and this is the look I want to achieve but using what I already have in my closet...you like?

What will be your turkey day duds?


DIY- Boho Necklace

You can never go into a craft store and just get one thing. It's inevitable that you're going to pick something up and say, "This is really cool, what can I make with this?" And sometimes that pays off- like this necklace that I made for $1.50! I found these boho beads at Michael's on clearance while shopping for my Halloween costume materials. Luckily, I had black chain at home from New York Design Shop and in a matter of seconds I had a chic new necklace that cost almost nothing to make! You like?

Psst- Speaking of Halloween, is anyone else making their costume? I'm being Pebbles and my costume cost five bucks, can't wait to show some pictures! Happy craftin'


Time to get cozy.

Today was a beautiful New England fall day; the slight breeze and crisp air made me want to grab a sweater as cozy as this one! It's the perfect comfy piece to thrown on with some leather boots and a scarf. I think I'm in love.

Also, if you know me well, you already know that I take way too many naps and my bed is my favorite place in the world...so this sweater is right up my alley.

P.S.-- It fits my college gal budget, $42.99 from Mod Cloth.


Case of the Mondays.

It's a cold, gray, rainy Monday morning; the kind of day where you just want to lie in bed, not get dressed and be totally unproductive. I'm taking on this dreary Monday in style...throw on some leggings, your favorite pair of knee length boots, and a chunky cozy sweater and you're good to go. Here was my inspiration this morning as I got ready for the day ahead:

Image via Polyvore

What's your Monday look?


A little scarf goes a long way.

Whenever I go thrifting, I always keep my eyes peeled for vintage scarves. Not only are they usually inexpensive, but I find myself using them in so many ways to pull together an outfit. Here are some of the ways to accessorize a simple scarf:
  • Spruce up your exercise duds by grabbing a scarf from your closet and using it to tie your yoga mat up. So chic! All your workout buddies will be jealous.
  • Wear it as a necklace- tie small knots into the scarf and clasp it in the back by either tying a knot or using a safety pin. Layering different scarves would look great too! Here's mine:
  • Use it as a belt- cinch it around a skirt or a dress at the smallest part of your waist and tie it at the side, very flattering!
  • Tie it around your hair as a headband. Blake Lively rocked this look in Gossip Girl:
  • Whenever I need a little pop to my outfit, I grab a scarf and tie it to my handbag.
  • And last but not least, use them for wall decorations. Get them in funky colors and arrange them in a pattern for your wall, great for a dorm room!
PS- This morning on the Nate Berkus Show, he pressed and framed silk scarves for wall decorations. I like your style, Nate!

Image via Scarves Wraps


Back to School Cool.

Tomorrow is my last first day of school. And despite usually having my outfit picked out at least three weeks in advance (don't lie you did it too), this year's a little different. I just moved into my first place and between the moving and the unpacking I haven't had time to think about it (aka obsess over it). So it's into the closet I go! I want to look cute but not like I'm trying too hard. Here's the look I'm trying to achieve:

Image via Fab Sugar

I love this casual look; the blazer makes it a little more polished but it's still relaxed. Wish me luck! What's your back to school look?

PS- Check out my back to school guest post on Domestikated Life!


Dear Fashion Gods,

Will a cute little trendy stork deliver this outfit to me for my first day back to school? K, Thanks!
No but seriously, am I the only one whose so excited for blazers and knee boots? Yipeee!

Image via Polyvore


What a day.

Today turned out to be quite an excellent Thursday. I've been scouring the shelves all week for the September issue of Vogue and had no luck until this morning; I hopped off the train, ran to the first newsstand I could find and there it was, in all its two and a half pound glory. I was perhaps a little too giddy about it, until of course I realized I already had two other September magazines (Marie Claire and Lucky) in my purse and that my bag just gained about ten pounds and I would have to lug them around all day. But believe me, it was worth it.
Image via Vogue

Oh, and did I mention it's their biggest issue to date? 726 pages.

It also happened to be my last day interning at New York Design Shop and my boss surprised me with the best field trip ever....the Barney's Warehouse sale!! It was as I expected it to be, overwhelming, kind of stressful and still a little too expensive for this gal's budget. But it was a fun experience non the less.

P.S.- Thank you to NYDS for letting me help out this summer! I learned so much about DIY and I can't wait to get craftin' in my new apartment. Don't forget to check out their site for tutorials on the Fall trends coming up, contests and giveaways!


You go gurlfran!

Looks like Hollywood starlet Drew Barrymore is hopping on the chic for cheap bandwagon! She recently graced the red carpet for her Nylon Magazine cover in a 25$ thrift store dress. And she looks fab:

Do you like Drew's inexpensive, yet red carpet ready look?

Image via MTV Style


D.I.Y. Home Decor

Flipping through my mom's Country Living magazine last night, I came across an adorable Sweet 'n Low ad. I had to cut it out and use it for my first apartment, which I will be moving into very soon! I cut the owl out, covered up the Sweet 'n Low logo with a denim heart, added a little touch of sparkle with yellow rhinestones, put it in a black frame and voila!

(Apologies for the crappy photo- camera's broken)

I plan on hanging it up with a few square mirrors in my new living room. And the best part? It was free!


Excuse me while I drool with envy.

Words cannot describe how badly I want these J.Crew shoes for fall. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans into them with a boyfriend blazer? Ugh! Too bad they're $198. If anyone spots a similar, much less expensive pair let me know. And yes, it's only the first week of August and I'm craving Fall!

Image via J. Crew


To cut or not to cut...

That is the question I just cannot seem to answer.I got the modern cut I asked for, as shown in my post a few weeks ago, but I just can't get Ginnifer Goodwin's hair out of my head! Her super short pixie is adorable and effortless. A little product and you're good to go for the day. Come on, how cute is that cut?



Decisions Decisions.

Tonight's a big night. Jersey Shore season premiere. Project Runway season premiere. Bethanny Getting Married. Who planned this??? Okay, here's my logic--Jersery Shore will play on Mtv everyday over and over again for the next three months until you want to rip your hair out. I already know what happens on Bethanny Getting Married; she has a baby and lives happily ever after. Does that mean Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum just rose to the top of my list? I think so. And it better deliver! They made the show an hour and a half long this season so I'm hoping that means more camera time for that gem Tim Gunn...make it work!


D.I.Y. Blogger Challenge!

New York Design Shop has created the ultimate D.I.Y. challenge for ten lucky bloggers across the U.S.- and guess whose in on the fun? My sistaaa! The bloggers all received the same box full to the brim with bohemian styled trimmings and appliques and went wild! All of the projects are up on the site so go vote (preferably)for my talented sister who made four easy and adorable projects! Here's a peek:

The blogger with the most votes will receive D.I.Y. materials from NYDS and best of all--a spread in Style Sample magazine! Voters will also be entered to win one of the creations so go vote here!


Goodbye outdated flared jeans, hello summer shorts!

I have so many pairs of flared jeans that still fit, but never get worn because I'm a strictly skinny jeans girl now. I decided to take this old paid of Seven jeans and make them into shorts using just a pair of scissors. I also cuffed them to make the length just right. For a more feminine look, you could also utilize the jeans as a denim skirt by sewing the middle seam together and adding your own embellishments (do I hear a new DIY project calling my name?).
Take a look at the final product:

Now go grab those pair of jeans in the back of your closet that you never wear, cut em' up and rock these new summer shorts you just made for free!


Happy 4th of July!

Isn't this just the perfect time of year? Afternoon barbecues, sun dresses, and a summer glow, I love it! Hopefully all three of those things will be incorporated as I celebrate this weekend in New Hampshire at my boyfriend's lake house. Here's some nautical inspired looks perfect for a July 4th weekend.

Image via Polyvore


Get studdin'

My trend obsession right now is the rocker chic look, basically anything covered in studs and maybe a little distressed too. And I mean anything! Bracelets, shoes, bags, tops, you name it.
Image via Polyvore

But this look unfortunately comes with a pretty hefty price. Luckily, New York Design Shop can hook you up!! We've gone a little stud crazy over at my internship, creating designer looks at very reasonable prices. Check out our latest projects below for some inspiration and visit their site to purchase some studs...Happy studding:)


Chic for Cheap gets a cut.

A major cut! Due to an immense amount of summer boredom and a longing for a little more bad ass in my life, I cut my hair this weekend! I'm still freakin' out a little, but change is good. I wanted edgy and modern- as you can see with my inspiration photos.

And the final result...


Strike a Pose.

Last week, I was given an amazing opportunity assisting on a photo shoot for Tano handbags. From the styling to the hair and makeup, the shoot felt effortlessly glamourous and modern. My responsibilities ranged from organizing the wardrobe to helping achieve the perfect smoky eye. Not only am I super excited to see the pictures on their site in the Fall, but I get to rock my blue Tano bag all summer! It's the perfect size for commuting into the city and with all these zipper compartments I don't have to leave anything (mostly my absurd amount of lip glosses) behind!


"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of"

Summer has officially started and I am happy to say that I am getting my chic for cheap fix thus far. I have started an internship in NYC two days a week at New York Design Shop- the do it yourself (D.I.Y.) mecca!

Their site offers a foundation for letting your creative juices flow by browsing their huge stock of D.I.Y. materials, but they also give helpful tutorials for creating runway looks and trends on a budget. Does it get any better than that? I've only been interning for a week but we've already finished some fab projects and the city scene is beyond inspiring.

Check out their site for my D.I.Y. projects...can't wait to show the blogosphere some of my creations!


Sexy Summer Shoulder.

I am loving the one shoulder trend, whether it be a shirt, dress, or romper. What's a better way to show off your tan? Add some ruffles or florals and you've got a chic summer look. Here are my faves:

Will you be rockin' the summer shoulder trend?

Image via Polyvore


Seeing double.

In my online shopping adventures, I stumbled across these two gems- same exact dress, two different stores. Wonder who's the copy cat? My money's on Forever 21.

$24.80 from Forever 21

$39.00 from Lulu's


Oh hello summer, so lovely to see you again.

Finals- check.
21st birthday- check.
Celebratory mani pedi to kick off summer vaca- check.

Here's to having more time to blog, soaking up the rays, and enjoying hopefully a very fashionable summer!