D.I.Y. iPod Case

It's the weekend before finals and what's a fabulous way to take a break from studying and paper writing? With a little D.I.Y. project of course. My boyfriend recently got me an iPod touch and I didn't want to spend $30 on a plastic case that I would probably end up breaking, so I decided to make my own using some scraps I had in my craft box. Check it out:

I took an old pair of light denim jeans that didn't fit, traced my iPod with a pencil twice onto the denim and cut out the pieces. I made them a little larger than the iPod so I had room to sew:

Then I took silver triangle studs and studded one of the pieces into a triangle shape. A little futuristic, no?

I took the two pieces, flipped them inside out and sewed them together by hand. When I was done sewing, I flipped the pieces back out and that's it! It took about a half hour to make and it was free, what's not to like? Just to be safe- I put some tape over the inside of the case to cover the stud backings so it doesn't scratch the iPod. You like?

Wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers? I also made one for my cell phone too, happy craftin'!


  1. Cute idea!! I love being crafty ;)

  2. Those of us with a long memory can compare Mr. Busch's prose of today with that of years ago -- and be delighted at how much more interesting and incisive it has become.