The fashion gods have answered my prayers.

A trip to Target today to purchase some things for my upcoming trip to the Cape left me extremely excited and embarassingly giddy; I finally found an affordable romper! As you know, I have had my eyes out for a romper, an adorable summer trend that I was very much looking forward to finding. I found this $20 black romper with pockets on the sides; a very basic piece but that's what I love about it...I can dress it up with bright accessories or keep it simple with just a pair of summer espadrilles. I had to try it on as soon as I got home and check out what I've paired it with so far:


On the Fence.

It seems you can't go shopping anywhere lately without spotting the growingly popular maxi dress. And to be honest, I'm not too sure how I feel about it. I wore a strapless maxi for my senior prom and thought it was a great dress, but I'm not really loving the idea of your dress touching the floor when you're just out running around town, even if it is cotton. I like the more formal maxi's with better quality fabrics like this one: 
But I'm not so fond with these more casual maxi's in cotton: 
We'll see if it's just a summer trend or if the maxi is here to stay...what do you think about the maxi dress?

(Top Photo- Forever 21, Bottom Photo- Lulu's)


Makin' a Statement:

I am in LOVE with these Forever 21 statement necklaces. They are really bold, delicate, and feminine and will definitely make any outfit that much more sophisticated and chic. These necklaces are great because all you need is a plain tank or tee, throw one of these necklaces on, and your outfit is completed by just one very affordable accessory. A simple accessory like this can really dress up an outfit and even transform a day look into evening by pairing it over your favorite little black dress! And what's not to love? They are all under $20...take a look at some very desired pieces from their site:
(Photo Credit- Forever 21)


Hoppin' on the Polyvore bandwagon.

If you haven't already heard of this highly addictive website...brace yourself. If your favorite part of the movie Clueless was Cher's digitalized  closet, then you must check out this site! Polyvore is a free site that lets you browse through images (mostly clothes) in order to create what they call a "set". You can create different outfits, collages,and even design rooms for the interior design buffs out there. They have a database of every brand, designer, and clothing product out there...find something you like? They will direct you to the store's webpage if you would like to purchase an item.I highly recommend this site to anyone who loves fashion and coming up with different outfits and styles. Take a look at some of my favorite sets I've done so far...



Why spend more?

Thank you Forever 21, for once again proving that looking good and keeping up with the current trends doesn't have to cost you a lot...you just have to keep your eyes open for what's out there. My friend just informed me of some shoes she found from Zappos.com that look awfully similar to the shoes I purchased for $26 (and are now on sale for $21!), and were also featured in my second post. Check out my pair versus the $62.50 pair found online:

(Top- Forever 21, Bottom- Zappos.com)


Like I Needed a New Clothing Website to Fawn over...

Today my friend Katherine informed of this clothing site she loves so I decided to check it out and was instantly hooked. Lulus.com is not only affordable ( I didn't find anything over $100), but it's got some great finds! It reminds me of a less expensive Anthropologie, with some earthier pieces, yet still following some of the summer trends such as gladiator sandals and lucky for me...rompers! They have a great selection and it was difficult to decide my favorite, but I've got my eye on this one: 
The site also has some really great accessories featuring bags, jewelry, and hair accessories. I especially like these:   
I was surprised to see such a wide range of dresses; from really casual sun dresses to more formal, evening wear. How cute is this?
Like what you saw as much as I did? Check out http://lulus.com/ 
(Photo Credit- Lulu's)  


Trends I Love Right Now:

I originally didn't know how I felt about rompers, in fear of feeling like I was an infant wearing a one-sie, but a recent trip to Boston with my girlfriends changed my mind completely. You can really dress them up by joining them with a pair of heels and a clutch for going out at night, while during the day, pair them with a fedora and gladiator sandals. They're so versatile and could even work into fall, with the addition of tights underneath and a blazer. I'm in search for the perfect romper right now, but check out some of my current favorites:      
(Left-Bebe, Middle- Forever 21, Bottom- ShopRuche)

I'm also trying to find a pair of high waisted shorts, but similar to the romper, haven't found a pair I'm in love with yet. They're just as convenient too because they can transform easily from day to night. I'm really loving these pairs:        
(Left- MissselFridge.com, Right- Topshop USA)


My name is Mara, and I'm addicted to Forever 21.

At least I'm admitting it, right? If there's anything you should know about me right off the bat it's that I am obsessed with Forever 21. It's my go to place which never seems to disappoint, and how could it? They take the latest trends seen on the runway and makes it easily accessible for the every day girl. Now I will admit I'm certainly not the first to discover Forever 21, but I will say that I have been a fan since I first found their store and was hooked ever since, and did I mention their prices? Looking chic has never been easier or more affordable, so my first official post had to be dedicated to Forever 21, the store that has always been good to me, not to mention my bank account. Check out these new findings I recently purchased: 
I am in love with these new Forever 21 heels! These chunky,strappy kinds of heels are really in right now and for only $26 I knew they were probably a more daring choice for my everyday ensembles, but I paired them with skinny jeans and a racerback tank and they add an extra punch of sophistication, not to mention give this 5"2 gal a whole new view!
I also got this floral mini dress which is great for the summer and the ruffle around the neck adds an adorable detail.I love bright dresses like these where you can mix and match so many different types of accessories and shoes because there are so many colors to choose from to accentuate. I plan on pairing it with my vintage red cowboy boots for the fourth of July this year, yee-haw!

Officially a Blogger.

As a fashion-loving college student home for the summer, much of my free time (which happens to be most of my time, thanks recession!) is spent flipping through the latest magazines, shopping online,  or more recently, discovering fashion blogs. Starting one of my own has been an idea for a while, and now that I have time on my hands I've decided to start Chic for Cheap. I want to show a little bit of my own personal style, through posts and pictures of  some of my everyday outfits and findings, and also show that looking good doesn't have to cost you. From do it yourself ideas, to what up and coming trends I'm dying to get my hands on, Chic for Cheap will be my stomping grounds to share ideas and hopefully inspire others. I have been very motivated by the blogs I've read so far, and hopefully others will feel the same about Chic for Cheap, enjoy!