"If you have to cry go outside"

I've been totally wrapped up in Kelly Cutrone's book, ever since I got it last week on my snow day. She's honest, funny, and I love hearing her quirky yet surprisingly inspirational stories. I've bookmarked these quotes to look back upon when I'm feeling like I need a little Cutrone sass:

"It was one more thing my mother never told me: if you don't have faith in yourself and in something larger than yourself, and if you want to take this world at face value, you're going to have a fucking nasty ride."

"If anyone really wanted to change the world, they'd bring in the fashion bitches, because nobody gets things done faster."

"The fashion industry is excellent yoga for a naturally fearful person like me in part because its fast-paced, apocalyptic energy requires that you feel and act, not think."

"In an industry like fashion, people always behave badly all around you, but if you resolve to become a spiritual warrior, you learn to laugh and laugh, knowing that other people don't define you and that ultimately their behavior is just helping you work out your own shit."

All I have to say is, you go girlfriend.

Quotes via Kelly Cutrone


Ready for a change.

Okay, it might be a winter wonderland outside, but all I can focus on are the spring looks coming our way, unfortunately not soon enough. I cannot wait to throw on jeans, a flowy tank and a light jacket- so easy, comfortable, and chic. I'm dreaming of these jackets on this cold, slushy day:
How cool is this Urban Outfitters jacket? Kinda funky, right?

This is by far my favorite, a $40 Forever 21 trench, I'll have my eyes peeled for this at the mall this weekend!

This relaxed denim motorcycle jacket is from Gap- denim will be everywhere this Spring, get ready!

This J.Crew blazer well add a refreshing pop to any outfit, how great is the color?

Are you as ready for spring as I am?


Heck Yea! It's rainy, snowy, and all sorts of slushy outside...ah, the perks of going to school in New Hampshire. How am I spending my day? Well, I'm staying extraordinarily cozy, finishing up some homework so I can maybe do a mall trip this weekend(I'm sweating just thinking about Forever 21 spring finds!), and lastly, trekking to Borders to pick up Kelly Cutrone's newly released book.
Love her... Enjoy your Wednesday!


Vera Wang and Snooki....

Two people I never thought I'd say in the same sentence. Wang's show debuted at fashion week and her models sported the oh so hilarious Snooki "poof." You've gotta see it to believe it.

Who knew the "poof" could be classy? Well done Vera.

Photo via The Cut


Boots that were definitely made for walking.

I live with ten girls, and as crazy as that sounds, not only do our personalities balance each other out, but our closets do too. We all have such different styles, but if we share one thing in common it's our love for a great pair of boots. They're functional for our everyday treks across campus, yet chic for going out. Take a look:
These are my latest T.J. Maxx finds- black suede studded ankle boot, love them!

These were an ultimate steal- my roommate found these Frye boots at T.J. Maxx as well- for $30!!

These Aldo boots are a bit dressier, but how cute would they be tucked into some skinny jeans!

I'm proud to see my roomies trading in their Ugg's for some funky boots...stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more boot purchases to come!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope your Sunday is relaxing and maybe a little bit romantic too! I made some delish treats for my boyfriend this weekend, nothing says V-day like a sugar overload, right?

Photo via Idesign

In a Perfect World:

  • I would have gotten a snow day today.
  • I would have more time to blog.
  • Lastly, and I think most importantly, a very fashionable stork would deliver these perfect Spring items right into my closet:

A girl can dream, right? What are your Spring fashion cravings?