A little procrastination.

I'm officially leaving for school tomorrow, which means for the third time this summer I must pack my life up and move, which I'm not looking forward to in the least. So what did I come up with on this rainy Saturday to do instead? Go see an afternoon showing of the much talked about The September issue, a documentary following Anna Wintour and the making of the fashion world's  bible. Let you know what I think...


Not Buyin' It.

Having spent many hours reading magazines on the beach recently, I have noticed some fall trends I'm still not so sure about, similar to how I felt about the maxi dresses this summer. I couldn't decide whether they were brillant or irritating, and I've decided as this summer is approaching its end that they were indeed, irritating. While I can do without a few questionable trends, there are definitely some that stuck out and I'm hoping are here to stay. Here's a peek at what trends I think are hot (The looks I hope to be rockin', if my college student budget allows me), and some that are not (still haven't wrapped my head around them). 

  • Military Jackets- love, love, love! This is a huge trend this fall and stores like Marshall's, Target, and Forever 21 have made it super easy to catch onto...Whether you can find them in faux leather or cotton, these cropped jackets made any outfit just a little bit edgier. 
  • The 80's look is definitely coming back; through loud, bold, makeup and structured boyfriend blazers. Throw on a boyfriend blazer and some hot pink lipstick and you're good to go...but be careful. Don't go overkill with a side ponytail and leg warmers. Less is definitely more in this case.
  • In the past year or so, the beauty world has definitely made changes in terms of nail polish. Nails aren't just for girly pinks and sexy reds anymore; people have become so daring in their nail polish choices. Whether it's neon, darker shades, or matte greens, pretty much any color in the book is acceptable now, which adds a little bit of fun to your everyday wardrobe. I'm currently sporting electric blue!
  • And finally, the Blair Waldorf look is still in. So don't pack away your flower headbands quite yet because the feminine look (ok, maybe a little bitchy too) is here to stay this fall.

  • Flannel- Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of flannel and with the large assortment of bright colors they are offered in, I definitely see their catch. But, I think it's a little overkill. Take a look at Delia's website and it's pretty much all flannel, a little too much for my likings, but unfortunately we will be seeing a lot of it this season. 
  • Legging Jeans- Ok, I know leggings are still in this season but now we're making faux denim out of leggings? As if denim wasn't comfortable enough...It seems a little odd to me, because they don't look like jeans, they look like leggings with pockets. And now Rihanna's wearing them, so I'm sure Forever 21 is mass producing them as I speak. 
  • Harem Pants- These have been around for a while and I don't really grasp it, they're unflattering, unless of course you're Lindsay Lohan. 
  • Printed Leggings- Black leggings? Fine by me. Leopard and plaid leggings? I don't think so.
Ok, I've officially vented my fall fashion frustrations. What are you not so hot over? 


Look of the Week: Back to School!

A long week of work is over and I finally had some time to think about what I'll be wearing for back to school...which happens to be only six days away! Went to the mall today and as usual picked up some great Forever 21 finds (aka I need to stop shopping)! Take a peek at my favorite fall looks so far:
Wearing: A dress from Forever 21 that I just picked up, I love it! It's super comfortable and I can dress it down with a pair of flip flips and a fedora or dress it up as I did here with my grey ankle boots...I can't wait to wear this dress out!
Wearing: Charlotte Russe slouchy hat, Forever 21 floral racerbank tank (florals are everywhere this season!), vintage tan belt, and ankle zip skinny jeans...a casual, yet feminine look.
Wearing: Forever 21 fedora and silk floral tank, vintage navy blazer, Seven denim cutoff shorts, and Forever 21 slouchy boots; probably my favorite look, as I channel my inner rocker chick. Pretty badass, right?
Wearing: Forever 21 black and white graphic hoodie, flannel stolen from my boyfriend's laundry basket(shh!), and Target leggings with button detail on the ankle...I'm going to need to bundle up before I know it at school, so I purchased this hoodie today, a really great layering piece! 
What's your first day of school outfit? Come on, you know you've thought about it.


Ahh, so this is what heaven feels like...

I almost forgot that tonight was the season premiere of my all time favorite show, Project Runway! Good thing I didn't forget, because I am currently snuggled up on the couch watching the fabulousness that is Heidi Klum while also reading the "bible", aka the five pound September issue of Vogue that is finally out! Anyways, check the show out if you haven't already, its a-mazing! Oh how I've missed you Tim Gunn...


Look of the Week: It's too freakin' hot to wear anything but this...

It's been a busy week full of work and trying not to melt in this heat...so my look for today had to be something work appropriate (I work in a yoga studio so almost anything goes) yet functional, so I paired a $5 Forever 21 tank with a grey American Apparel skirt, vintage belt and some silver necklaces. Check out the bag I've been pairing everything with lately:
This bag, also from Forever 21, doesn't disapoint; it's big enough for work and school but still is fashionable enough to make a statement. Mmm, I love a good handbag...

Once my hectic work week is over with I'm super excited to go through all my clothes and pick out fall back to school outfits (Totally dorky, I know, but you know you wanna do it too), so come back soon to see what I've come up with. In the meantime, time to turn up the AC...


Currently Fixated On:

Finding new ways to organize my makeup:
The big glass margarita bowl used to be the home of my fish (RIP Margarito), the teacup was found amongst my moms vintage glassware during the intense amount of packing done this summer, as well as the french tin flower can which conveniently stores mascaras and tubes of lip gloss. It's a chic way to dress up my desk and everything is easily accessible! I also came across this matching saucer which efficiently holds my favorite go- to bracelets:
(Props to my good friend Katie for this idea!) 
I also spotted this quirky vintage tin in my sister's room and took it to store my delicate necklaces for a fun, accessible way to my favorite necklaces:
And my latest beauty find? A very bold Nars lipstick, something I've never tried before but am super excited to wear this daring find with a smoky eye and a killer outfit. If this isn't hot pink I don't know what is...


Look of the Week: Runway Style at a College Student Budget

I've been seriously lacking on the blog updates; my inspiration notebook where I write down ideas for posts was put in storage by accident in the move, bummer. But, I've had lots of time to find new ideas and topics after going through the stack of fall magazines I've gathered this week. I've got a few Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas that I'm hoping to get through before I head off to school later this month. But in the meantime, check out my latest obsession; using my affordable wardrobe to recreate high end runway looks seen in magazines and on my fave celebs. On this rainy Thursday afternoon, I opted for a very comfortable look, inspired by Lauren Conrad's red carpet ensemble:
And here's my take on the look:
I don't have a New York Times bestseller, or a hit MTV reality show, but a girl can dream, right? 

(Wearing- Urban outfitters cardigan, American Apparel tee, Seven jean shorts, Urban Outfitters plaid canvas sneakers)


It's the most wonderful time of the year....No, not Christmas- Fall fashion magazine issues come out!

Just got back from a week long mini vaca at my boyfriends in the lovely state of New Hampshire. Lots of fun in the sun and my personal favorite- back to school shopping. Okay, maybe a little early but I've totally been itching for fall lately! I'm usually loving the sandal and summer dress look in the summer but the fall trends have got me excited...Military jackets will be all over the place and since I already bought an ivory motorcycle bomber at Urban Outfitters, I went for a different look with this comfy blue striped jacket. Take a look: 
It's really soft and warm for the cold weather yet still chic and affordable...$26 at Charlotte Russe! In hopes to New Hampshire winter-proof my wardrobe, I've been trying to buy pieces that can be layered or worn in all seasons. I just picked up these Forever 21 boots because I can rock them with a pair of skinny's when it's cold or with a feminine dress in the summer.
 Flipping through the latest September issues of fashion magazines has me super excited; what are your favorite fall trends this season?