Trends I Love Right Now:

I originally didn't know how I felt about rompers, in fear of feeling like I was an infant wearing a one-sie, but a recent trip to Boston with my girlfriends changed my mind completely. You can really dress them up by joining them with a pair of heels and a clutch for going out at night, while during the day, pair them with a fedora and gladiator sandals. They're so versatile and could even work into fall, with the addition of tights underneath and a blazer. I'm in search for the perfect romper right now, but check out some of my current favorites:      
(Left-Bebe, Middle- Forever 21, Bottom- ShopRuche)

I'm also trying to find a pair of high waisted shorts, but similar to the romper, haven't found a pair I'm in love with yet. They're just as convenient too because they can transform easily from day to night. I'm really loving these pairs:        
(Left- MissselFridge.com, Right- Topshop USA)

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