Officially a Blogger.

As a fashion-loving college student home for the summer, much of my free time (which happens to be most of my time, thanks recession!) is spent flipping through the latest magazines, shopping online,  or more recently, discovering fashion blogs. Starting one of my own has been an idea for a while, and now that I have time on my hands I've decided to start Chic for Cheap. I want to show a little bit of my own personal style, through posts and pictures of  some of my everyday outfits and findings, and also show that looking good doesn't have to cost you. From do it yourself ideas, to what up and coming trends I'm dying to get my hands on, Chic for Cheap will be my stomping grounds to share ideas and hopefully inspire others. I have been very motivated by the blogs I've read so far, and hopefully others will feel the same about Chic for Cheap, enjoy!  

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  1. found your blog while doing some fashion-surfing online. read all your posts and loved them! now you've got me gearing to start altering my threads to go with the "in" looks.