Like I Needed a New Clothing Website to Fawn over...

Today my friend Katherine informed of this clothing site she loves so I decided to check it out and was instantly hooked. Lulus.com is not only affordable ( I didn't find anything over $100), but it's got some great finds! It reminds me of a less expensive Anthropologie, with some earthier pieces, yet still following some of the summer trends such as gladiator sandals and lucky for me...rompers! They have a great selection and it was difficult to decide my favorite, but I've got my eye on this one: 
The site also has some really great accessories featuring bags, jewelry, and hair accessories. I especially like these:   
I was surprised to see such a wide range of dresses; from really casual sun dresses to more formal, evening wear. How cute is this?
Like what you saw as much as I did? Check out http://lulus.com/ 
(Photo Credit- Lulu's)  

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