Not Buyin' It.

Having spent many hours reading magazines on the beach recently, I have noticed some fall trends I'm still not so sure about, similar to how I felt about the maxi dresses this summer. I couldn't decide whether they were brillant or irritating, and I've decided as this summer is approaching its end that they were indeed, irritating. While I can do without a few questionable trends, there are definitely some that stuck out and I'm hoping are here to stay. Here's a peek at what trends I think are hot (The looks I hope to be rockin', if my college student budget allows me), and some that are not (still haven't wrapped my head around them). 

  • Military Jackets- love, love, love! This is a huge trend this fall and stores like Marshall's, Target, and Forever 21 have made it super easy to catch onto...Whether you can find them in faux leather or cotton, these cropped jackets made any outfit just a little bit edgier. 
  • The 80's look is definitely coming back; through loud, bold, makeup and structured boyfriend blazers. Throw on a boyfriend blazer and some hot pink lipstick and you're good to go...but be careful. Don't go overkill with a side ponytail and leg warmers. Less is definitely more in this case.
  • In the past year or so, the beauty world has definitely made changes in terms of nail polish. Nails aren't just for girly pinks and sexy reds anymore; people have become so daring in their nail polish choices. Whether it's neon, darker shades, or matte greens, pretty much any color in the book is acceptable now, which adds a little bit of fun to your everyday wardrobe. I'm currently sporting electric blue!
  • And finally, the Blair Waldorf look is still in. So don't pack away your flower headbands quite yet because the feminine look (ok, maybe a little bitchy too) is here to stay this fall.

  • Flannel- Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of flannel and with the large assortment of bright colors they are offered in, I definitely see their catch. But, I think it's a little overkill. Take a look at Delia's website and it's pretty much all flannel, a little too much for my likings, but unfortunately we will be seeing a lot of it this season. 
  • Legging Jeans- Ok, I know leggings are still in this season but now we're making faux denim out of leggings? As if denim wasn't comfortable enough...It seems a little odd to me, because they don't look like jeans, they look like leggings with pockets. And now Rihanna's wearing them, so I'm sure Forever 21 is mass producing them as I speak. 
  • Harem Pants- These have been around for a while and I don't really grasp it, they're unflattering, unless of course you're Lindsay Lohan. 
  • Printed Leggings- Black leggings? Fine by me. Leopard and plaid leggings? I don't think so.
Ok, I've officially vented my fall fashion frustrations. What are you not so hot over? 

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