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Finding new ways to organize my makeup:
The big glass margarita bowl used to be the home of my fish (RIP Margarito), the teacup was found amongst my moms vintage glassware during the intense amount of packing done this summer, as well as the french tin flower can which conveniently stores mascaras and tubes of lip gloss. It's a chic way to dress up my desk and everything is easily accessible! I also came across this matching saucer which efficiently holds my favorite go- to bracelets:
(Props to my good friend Katie for this idea!) 
I also spotted this quirky vintage tin in my sister's room and took it to store my delicate necklaces for a fun, accessible way to my favorite necklaces:
And my latest beauty find? A very bold Nars lipstick, something I've never tried before but am super excited to wear this daring find with a smoky eye and a killer outfit. If this isn't hot pink I don't know what is...

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