Recession proofing my wardrobe....well, trying to at least..

Like I'm sure many of you out there, I've been trying to cutback on my spendings...especially in the clothing department because that's where a large portion of my paycheck always ends up going. I have to admit; I've done pretty well so far, with the exception of thrifting. I've been loving going to consignment stores and thrift shops lately because everything's so affordable and the pieces are unique. For example, last week in Cape Cod when we went to the flea market, nearly everything I picked up was a $1...including these vintage clip on earrings I just had to get:

Today I ran into a local thrift store and came out very pleased; I bought a white, quilted, faux Chanel bag, something that I was considering buying from Topshop but am very glad I didn't. And the best part? It was a $1.50! What's not to like? Take a look at the bag I purchased vs. the much more expensive bag I was going to buy online:

(Bottom Picture- Topshop)

I've been feeling a little less guilty about purchasing items at thrift stores or Goodwill because they're ridiculously inexpensive...might do some more thrifting on Friday with my friend Katie, Wish us luck! 

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