Workin' Gal.

Now that I'm officially a college graduate (Yay!), I'm going on job interviews and it was time for me to step up my wardrobe and get some more professional pieces. And of course, I had to do so on a budget since I am still unemployed. Today I picked up ten items: five skirts, one dress, one cardigan, one blouse, one top, and one pair of flats...and I only spent $140! I bought things that would look good together so that I could interchange pieces to make as many outfits as possible, gotta stretch that dollar! Check out what I scored:

Okay, this was by far the deal of the century. Each of these Old Navy skirts were .97 cents! Yes, they were .97 cents each. Talk about guilt free shopping. Not only were they practically free, but they're great basics.

This skirt was $17.80 from Forever 21. I plan on wearing this skirt with a basic tank, and then I can maximize my wardrobe by pairing it with either a blazer, cardigan, or blouse.

This is a $18.90 white linen blouse from Forever 21 and I love its simplicity; I can wear it under any of the skirts I purchased today.

Like the white blouse, this cardigan can be paired with anything...$24.80 from you guessed it...Forever 21

$19.80 from Forever 21...great with dark denim jeans or under one of the neutral skirts I purchased

$22.80 from Forever 21, this can be dressed up or down which is why I like it...versatile pieces are key!

This skirt was $9.95 from H&M and I think it will look great with the white blouse, perfect for summer!

And lastly, I got a $25 pair of metallic flats from Gap because they will go with everything.

Ten versatile pieces for $140? That's what I like to call chic for cheap folks. Stay tuned for some interview outfit pics this week...