Boots that were definitely made for walking.

I live with ten girls, and as crazy as that sounds, not only do our personalities balance each other out, but our closets do too. We all have such different styles, but if we share one thing in common it's our love for a great pair of boots. They're functional for our everyday treks across campus, yet chic for going out. Take a look:
These are my latest T.J. Maxx finds- black suede studded ankle boot, love them!

These were an ultimate steal- my roommate found these Frye boots at T.J. Maxx as well- for $30!!

These Aldo boots are a bit dressier, but how cute would they be tucked into some skinny jeans!

I'm proud to see my roomies trading in their Ugg's for some funky boots...stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more boot purchases to come!

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