All about the shoulders.

After many hours of procrastinating finals work with online holiday shopping, I've picked up on a fun new trend- shoulder pads. You're probably thinking Working Girl, very 80's, no way in hell you're going to rock that, but I actually think I kind of like it. Why not accentuate the shoulders? If you got em' flaunt em', right? Here are some of my favorite sexy shoulder looks: 

(Top: Red and White striped shirt, $15.80, Forever 21, Middle: Scoop neck tunic, $38, Urban Outiftters,  Bottom: Shoulders tunic, $38, Urban Outfitters)

What are your thoughts on the new trend? 

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  1. You know, they make bras now that come with built in shoulder pads, so you can 80's up even a non-shoulder-padded shirt? Fun fact for you!